Wreck City Breakthrough

Look out. I just cut a hole in the roof:




This is the view from inside:



The next morning:




Tiny Garage



sun garage model



This is a model I made to show the path of the sun around my installation space at wreck city.

Congrats Unit/Pitt Projects on the new space!!!

Helen Pitt is a 30 year old artist run centre that lost its space during the 2010 Olympics funding cuts. I worked at this gallery in the beginning stages of revival, seeing it through the transition from sharing a gallery space at 221A to setting up a tiny space at 15 e Pender. I’m so happy to see it growing again! Thanks to the director, Keith Higgins, and a very supportive arts community the rich history of this organization continues to build and not be forgotten.


15 e Pender > 236 e Pender

See the following link for more info and to donate


Wreck City


This is a project I will be involved in, organized by artists, to utilize a row of houses to be demolished for new development as temporary exhibition space. There will be almost 100 artists involved in this project; Curating, installing, and performing. The houses will be open to the public April 19th – 27th.

For more information about the project click on the photo.

Closing Reception at the Central Bank

Invite 7

The Lucky Penny Bank

This is a public art/research project I am currently working on through St[art] residency with CAAF. Check it out:


Content(less) Painting #1622

Sarah painting in Calgary.

Some days are perfectly aligned

Taking notice of an abundant supply…

“Showing signs of aggression”